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Melissa M. Frye is a short story author, novelist and award-winning poet whose tension-filled, emotional writings challenge readers to examine the craziness inside them. Her years of battling depression and anxiety have given her a unique perspective on losing ones self and reclaiming stability. She is the recipient of the 2013 Ozark Creative Writers Poet Laureate Award and readers of her short stories have added her to their lists of authors to follow. When not writing, Melissa enjoys genealogy research and her ancestors include scoundrels, heroes and pioneers. You will find bits and pieces of them in her characters. She lives in Northwest Arkansas.

"Frye has the skills to make it far. I will be on the look out for her work in the future." - Dale Herring

"Abandon, a short story by Missy Frye, takes me back in time to the joviality, passion, and strength of my youth." - Cresta McGowan

"Beautifully eerie...Miltonia Butterflies is a touching story of the closeness between a girl and her mother." - Jordanna East