#WarriorWednesday: Navy Lt. J.G. Barry E. Karger #NeverForgotten


Navy Lt. J.G. Barry E. Karger
August 11, 1945 to May 14 1968

Photo provided by Find A Grave and Tom Reece

“On May 14, 1968, Lieutenant Barry Karger was assigned a strike mission over Quang Binh province, North Vietnam in A-4F Skyhawk BuNo. 154198, side number NF 304. During this mission something terrible went wrong and Lieutenant Karger did not return to Bon Homme Richard.”

“WASHINGTON — On May 14, 1968, Navy Lt. (j.g.) Barry E. Karger, a native Californian, was 22 years old, piloting an A-4F aircraft over North Vietnam’s Quang Binh province when he radioed: “I’m rolling in!”

More than 25 years would pass before Karger’s fate would be known. Last month, his remains–three teeth in a fragment of his lower jaw–were dug out of a river where his plane crashed after it was shot down while he was dropping electronic sensors along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Karger, who had been considered “missing in action/body not recovered” all these years, was now positively enrolled among the dead.”

Burial: Liberty Veterans Cemetery, Fresno, Fresno County, California, USA, Plot: Section D


The protagonist of my WIP is a physical therapist who works with wounded vets (I am working on the first draft now). Through my research I’ve discovered patriots that leave me awe-filled, many of whom gave their life for their country. If I’ve learned only one thing, it is that these soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines don’t do what they do for notoriety, they love their job, their country and their brothers (and sisters) in arms. I encourage you to do a bit of research on these warriors, but keep in mind that initial media reports often contain unverified information and for security reasons many details of operations are never revealed.