Opinions, Please?

Okay, earlier this week I talked about updating my business card. I’ve been working on it and thought I’d ask for your opinion. Disregard the dashed line, that has to do with the bleed area in printing. The quality isn’t that great either, but it will look better printed.

I decided to go with a quote on the back:

So, what do you think? Too much? Too little? What, if anything, should I do to improve it?

I’m going to start working on rack cards for my short stories next. They will be a bit more of a design challenge, but since I used to do things like this for a living, it shouldn’t be too much trouble. Hopefully.

  • Hallee Bridgeman

    I think I would have the word “author” somewhere before or after your name.

    Love the verse on the back!


    • M. Frye

      Hi Hallee! I thought about adding author, but the article I read said to resist that urge unless you’re published. While I’ve self-published a couple of short stories, I’ve yet to publish a book. I’m on the fence about using the title. I have a couple weeks before I have to have it to the printers so I’ll think a bit more about it.

      Love the feedback, thanks!

  • Looks good, but I’m going to mention a couple of things. No offense at all intended, your picture is nice, but do you think it would be more beneficial to promote a book cover? Something the reader will recognize when they go looking for your book?
    Also, on the back of my cards, I generate a qr code that goes straight to my website, where all my books are clickable and for sale. A majority of people have code scanners on their smart phones now, so literally they can walk through the grocery store and buy my book.
    Just ideas.

    • M. Frye

      Great ideas, JM. But, I plan on doing Rack Cards to promote my short stories. I don’t have a published full-length book as of yet. However, I will definitely implement the qr code on the rack cards.

      Thank you so much for the feedback! You’ve helped a great deal. 🙂

  • I don’t see the quote you want to put on the back and where are you putting your contact info? I do like the graphic though.

    • M. Frye

      I’ve updated the images with the hope that all the information will show. My contact info is on the front, website, phone and email. I didn’t put my address, because it will be on my website. There should be an image of the back of the card with a quote from Horace.

      Let me know if it isn’t showing up.

      • OK, now I see the images. I thought you had meant the image on the left hand side of your blog post – LOL. I wonder if you might want to say “books” instead of “journeys”. Keep things simple and at a quick glance, people will know that you write books.

        • M. Frye

          Hmmm…Debra, that is something to think about. But, I wonder if my individual short stories would be considered books?

          Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take your suggestion into consideration. 🙂