Navigating the Twitterverse: A Study of Social Media

It’s no secret that I struggle with social media. I’m flummoxed by it. So many times I’ve started a routine to increase my presence only to find that it fails. The thought of ditching the whole endeavor has crossed my mind on more occasions than I care to admit. Giving up isn’t in my DNA. Besides, experts insist that writers need a web presence.

twitter_logoInstead of giving up, I decided to narrow my focus to one social media platform to see if I could make progress. If successful, I can move on to the next platform. I chose Twitter as the starting point. @MissyFrye is my handle and I joined in December 2007.

For several years I’ve used Hootsuite and Triberr, but sparingly. I check them every day and interact with my followers and tribe mates. Here’s the problem: I follow over 1,700 people on Twitter and am followed by nearly 2,000. Even with lists it’s difficult to keep up with everyone. I belong to 11 tribes and have 269 tribe mates on Triberr. That means I have the ability to reach a million people. Ever felt overwhelmed?

I tried different tools too. Have you ever searched for Twitter tools? You can find apps that help you with analytics, chats, discovering content and users, hashtags, images, mentions and monitoring, scheduling, timing, trending, follow and unfollow – the list goes on and on.

Photo provided by & Davide Guglielmo

Photo provided by & Davide Guglielmo

After researching tools I realized I merely needed to utilize the ones I already had.

While I share tribe mate posts every day, once a week I visit my Triberr profile and share my posts – again (usually the last 10 to 12 posts). Every Wednesday I share my past Warrior Wednesday posts. My reasoning was that maybe my followers didn’t see it the first time (or second or third) but they would see it if I shared again. It works.

Hootsuite has a lot of tools built-in like side by side lists and mentions. It also allows you to schedule tweets. So, I began scheduling tweets ahead of time using relevant hashtags. I tweet about writing, my faith, and causes that I’m passionate about. Once a week I devote between 30 minutes to an hour to scheduling. Plus I can share them to my Facebook page via Hootsuite. The two birds with one stone kind of thinking.

I added one tool to my arsenal: Round Team. It scans the tweets of those people I follow searching for hashtags that I choose and retweets for me. At first I was skeptical about this practice because it seemed impersonal. Once I figured out that I can go in and see what has been chosen (they even have a dry run option) it amazed me. I’ve discovered great blog posts, books and people that I never would have before because their tweets were getting lost in my timeline. I’m still tweaking this tool, but so far I like it.

Here’s the best part. Using Twitter Analytics (if you don’t know about this tool you should – it’s easy to find I discovered that by digging deeper into Triberr, scheduling tweets and retweeting more often, my numbers have skyrocketed.


It’s been trial and error, but my Twitter presence is growing which in turn grows my blog. I’m attempting to remain involved. I like to interact with real people, not just tools. We all want to be acknowledged, but if search parameters without a personal touch is how it happens, I’m not sure it’s worth it.

What tools do you use to grow your social media presence? Do you have any tips on growing your Facebook Page following?

  • I love this, and thanks for posting. I also love Twitter but don’t think I’m using it to the best of my ability. I’m totally checking out RoundTeam. Need to start scheduling tweets, too. I used to and then I slacked, lol. Cheers and have a great week.

    • Scheduling can be time consuming. *sigh* That’s why I set aside a specific time to do it. My routine and choice of topics drastically cuts down on time consumption.

  • I’m glad you kept with it and found some techniques that work for you! I’ll have to check out RoundTeam — sounds interesting.

    • RoundTeam is great, but it could become a crutch. It’s easy to let it do its job and forget about it. I try to go through and look at what it has retweeted for me (no more than 2 RTs per hashtag per hour). If it doesn’t fit with what I want to put out into the world, I tweak the settings. If they RT something that I like, I make sure to click that little heart. I want folks to know I’m engaged.

  • I never heard of Round Tree. Thanks for this post. We’ve all struggled to grow our online presence; it’s nice to hear how things work out for others once in a while. Good luck!

    • Thanks, Staci! Unfortunately, Facebook still has me stumped. Maybe I’ll tackle it next. *sigh*

      • Well, if you figure it out, please share. It has me stumped, too.