Joy Jars Surprise Us Unexpectedly #video #comedy

Do you have a joy jar? I started this practice several years ago of writing down one positive thing each day and putting it in a jar.(Unfortunately, I have failed to keep it going recently.) When I’m feeling blue I open the jar and begin reading the things that brought me joy.

This week, I dusted off one of my joy jars and began reading some things that had lifted my spirits in the past. This particular jar was from 2012. Some of the things I had written brought a smile to my face, others made me wrinkle my brow (obviously I was struggling to find something positive on those days), but one really stood out to me because I can recall it so clearly.

December 1, 2012

Comedian Jack Whitehall told an anecdote on the Graham Norton show.

I wrote the anecdote on the slip of paper, but because it had such a positive effect on me, I decided to hunt down the video and share it with you.

It was such a joy to rediscover this funny moment that I’m inspired to resume my joy jar ritual. If you’d like to learn more about joy jars, here is a good place to start. Sometimes it’s tough to find something positive, but when forced to reflect on your day surprising things pop into your mind.