Embarking on a Somewhat New Adventure

For some time now, I’ve had an account with Zazzle. Some of my stuff has sold giving me a few dollars here and there, but I haven’t really invested a lot of time in design – until recently.

I created a new store called The Wordsmith’s Playground and have designed a few t-shirts (the designs can be used on mouse pads, coffee mugs, etc.) all with the writer in mind. I’ve also set up a Facebook page for the store. Now, it’s time to dust off my design skills and work on unique ideas.

Graphic design is a lot like writing. You have a first draft that lays the foundation then you build upon it. Hopefully, the finished product is something that people will want to purchase.

The designs will become more complex as I remember the skills I used years ago. Here is a sampling of the products. The t-shirts aren’t limited to the brand I’ve used for display. You can choose from many other styles for both men and women and add the design to other products.

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