500th Post…Now What?

Photo provided by Stephanie Berghaeuser & freeimages.com

Photo provided by Stephanie Berghaeuser & freeimages.com

I don’t usually celebrated milestones here, but when I thought about what it has taken to reach 500 posts…well let’s just say it is an accomplishment worth acknowledging.

So, what should I write about to celebrate? How about growth? When I first started this blog back in 2012 it was a catharsis tool. My father had died a few months before and suddenly I could refocus on writing. At first I wanted to chronicle my writing experiences, but as writers well know there are long periods of time where nothing happens BUT writing. I added book reviews. I moved my reviews to another blog. I blogged about inane writing things. I blogged about the same things that every other writer was blogging about.

After a while, I realized that what I had to offer wasn’t writing experience. What I need(ed) to share was the inspirations, impetuses and kernels of truth that make my writing unique. I’ve fumbled a great deal. It’s hard to put yourself out there. It’s much easier to submit a story and have a judge read it blind than to publicly write about things that are important to you.

While I’ve tried to blog about things that connect to my stories, I often find myself struggling. With that said, future posts will begin to reflect more of me and what I’m passionate about. I love the Warrior Wednesday series and will continue it. You can expect to read about my favorite charities, my faith and health issues. I plan to dig into my sources of inspiration and share them with you.

It’s my hope that you’ll continue on this journey with me. Maybe we can get another 500 posts in the archive.