Your Post’s Subject Line: Use it to Your Advantage

Moving is brutal! While the bulk of the move is over, it’s time for organization and settling in. During this process of migrating from one home to another, one town to another, my online time has been limited, so I’ve been taking shortcuts and a rule of blogging has played over and over again: Make a post’s title catchy.

The recent upheaval of my life has made me finally understand what that means. When I perused tweets and blogs I found myself skipping over the ones that didn’t grab me immediately. I had to make the most of my time.

I’m not saying people aren’t creative with the titles, but just because you label your posts with a quote, a line from your review or something shocking doesn’t mean folks are going to click the link to read further.

Here are some of the words included in titles that inspired me to click the link and read the blog post in its entirety.

  • Review: … book or movie title and author or star
  • Interview: … name of person interviewed and maybe the genre in which they write or the name of their book
  • Photo: … what is the photo of such as “new star formation” or “new find in the Egyptian desert.
  • [A Number] … tips, tricks, advice on a particular subject

That list isn’t all inclusive. There are other ways to pique interest. Use your imagination, but also give potential readers a glimpse of what the post is about.

I’m guilty of using blah titles. It takes skill to really pull in the traffic. I’m hoping to do better in the future. Just one word at the beginning of your post’s title can make or break your blog traffic.