Writing Progresses and Nostalgia Encompasses

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So, chapter two is finished. Well, the second draft is finished. I smiled the whole time I was writing the last scene. The contrasts between parents and teenagers can be hilarious. I just hope my writing does it justice.

Now I’ll concentrate on editing chapter three. This is where the antagonist makes her first appearance and the foundational building blocks of conflict are put into place. I think the backbone is pretty solid; it just needs fleshed out with a bit more detail. Looking forward to jumping into it.

I really wish I could work faster, but things are too hectic right now. I think we’ve found a house and will be making an offer. Plus we’re sorting and packing nearly fifty years worth of material objects. I’ve moved many times over the years, but I’ve always had this place to come home to. We don’t own it anymore; the thought boggles my mind.

Lots of memories here and I’ll miss it. On the bright side, there’s plenty of recollections to jumpstart writing projects.