Word Counts: How Much is Enough?

Weekends are usually reserved for working on my short stories and genealogy, but I felt compelled to work on my novel this past weekend. Thursday and Friday were both slow writing days. (Friday I visited with my 91 year old grandmother and didn’t write a lick. Well worth it though.)

As I’ve said before, I know where I’m going with this novel, but when I woke up Thursday morning my only thought was, “I don’t have enough story to reach 70,000 words.” It created a tension inside me and I couldn’t write. It was the darnedest thing.

My solution? Write scenes in my notebook. Write scenes integral to the plot and story. Forget the length for now, just write.

I’ve kept my goal at 70,000 words but I won’t complain if I only reach 50,000. After all, if my novel were to be published by a professional publishing company, they would most likely prefer a shorter word count for financial reasons. As long as I push the count above what is considered a novella, all should be good.

What do you think? Am I deluding myself?