Where Am I? Right Here, With New Ideas

It feels as if a great deal has happened since I last wrote, but in actuality life has been pretty calm.

Friday, I took the afternoon off to visit the movie theater and watch The Hunger Games. I know, I’m behind but I didn’t want to fight the crowds that converged on every theater in the country when the film first opened. I’m not really a huge crowd person.

Anyway, I liked the movie. Liked is the only word adequate for what I felt. I wrote a review on Netflix with a scathing denouncement of the filmmakers use of camera tricks. It’s like they didn’t trust the actors to project the emotions required to engage the audience. Sad indeed. I think the story translated well and that success probably lays solely at the feet of Suzanne Collins who helped write the screenplay.

Saturday, I met all my writing goals. When I finished chapter four of my novel and let it sit for a while, it became apparent that I hadn’t really captured the drama as well as it deserved. I rewrote the offending part and sent all four chapter to my CP. I’m looking forward to her comments, not only about the trouble with chapter four but on the flow of the story as well.

Photo by Kim Beardsmore

I finished edits on Fool’s Journey and sent it to my CP. (Poor woman was bombarded by me this weekend.) I’m thinking it’s nearly ready to be released to the world. I want Cresta’s opinion and to let it ruminate a bit longer before a final decision.

Cresta sent me her first four chapters and I gave them a cursory read through. I plan to make notes today and get back to her. She’s really improved upon the characterization and flow. I’m quite proud of her efforts. She’s a wonderful writer.

I finally found a tribe on Triberr that seems to be helping my social networking efforts. It truly surprised me because I was so close to giving up on the service altogether. This tribe has introduced me to some wonderful writer/bloggers and I’ve discovered things I would have otherwise overlooked.

Six Sentence Sunday for example. I think I’ll participate in the near future. The submission process isn’t very clear just by reading the FAQs but I think once I submit I’ll understand it better. The goal is simple. You share six sentences from your WIP or books and stories you’ve published. Sounds like a wonderful way to get your work (and writing style) in front of the people.

I’ve also come up with an idea for a weekly blogging prompt. Friday Five: Five Personal Inspirations. On Friday, I’ll post a list of five people or things that inspire me. As I’m a writer, most of these things will be writing related but one can’t rule out things such as songs, movies and places. You can even share five traits, likes or dislikes of a character. The possibilities are many. I need to do some more planning. I want others to post their inspirations too so I need to put some thought into a central hub for participants or maybe use something linking widget or list. I’ll update you on this on Thursday.

Until next time, remember to do your best each day and happy writing.