What Is Your Best?

Sometimes, life comes crashing down on you and there is no way to avoid it. That’s what happened to me late last week. I won’t go into details but it was a combination of health issues, personal issues and personal commitments. For a brief period, I became a shell of who I really am.

My word count was nil. Editing was left waiting. This blog was ignored as well as my genealogy endeavors. Life just got in the way. I was overwhelmed.

As a result, I got in the way of myself. Negative self-talk became my companion as I sat through medical testing. My self-esteem plummeted while dealing with personal issues. Those personal commitments took time away from writing and left a feeling of “why do I even try” rattling around inside me.

Today, I’m writing. Well, I’m trying to write. I’ve started edits and plan to finish working on chapter four of my manuscript by tomorrow afternoon. That feeling I get when engrossed in telling a story is beginning to bleed through the negativity I’ve been harboring recently. I recollect the reasons I love to write.

Life does come crashing down at times; it’s unavoidable. Don Miguel Ruiz says, “Always do your best.” When I look back at the past week and question whether I’ve done my best, I can honestly say that I have. Was I a productive writer? No. Am I at 100%. No. Will I get back there? Yes.


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