Warrior Wednesday: The Origin of Taps #NeverForgotten

While there are many, far too many, men and women I could highlight for Warrior Wednesday, I wanted to take this week to share an interesting video about a sound we all recognize. When a bugler plays Taps it’s usually at a funeral and it packs a wallop of emotion.

The protagonist of my WID (Work in Development) is a physical therapist who works with wounded vets. Through my research I’ve discovered patriots that leave me awe-filled, many of whom gave their life for their country. If I’ve learned only one thing, it is that these soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines don’t do what they do for notoriety, they love their job, their country and their brothers (and sisters) in arms. I encourage you to do a bit of research on these warriors, but keep in mind that initial media reports often contain unverified information and for security reasons many details of operations are never revealed.