Unexpected Breakthroughs

Dishwater Bubble

Image courtesy Christian Nielsen and stock.xchng

Have you heard the Agatha Christie quote: “The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.”

Well, I wasn’t doing dishes, but had a revelation while winding down from my physical therapy appointment. You see, Ashley (the most awesome PT in the known world) always gives me the option of resting with a heating pad and a tens unit connected to my lower back for a bit, after she makes me work like a draft mule.

It was during that time of rest, as the heat penetrated and the electric pulses soothed and relaxed me, when something that had been bothering me about my WIP suddenly became clear.

You see, when I wrote the first draft, I knew I wanted to go back and add sensory details and flesh out the characters a bit more. Chapter two in particular was missing something, but what exactly I couldn’t pinpoint.

During those moments of relaxation, the realization that vital information needed to be introduced slipped into my mind. I now know exactly what that information is. I know how the characters will react. It will foreshadow things that happen later – things I’ve already written.

It’s thrilling!

Have you had breakthroughs at unexpected moments?