Tidbits of the Writing Life

Well, more bad news. My short story, Miltonia Butterflies, didn’t place in the Winning Writers – Tom Howard Short Story Contest. My congratulations goes out to winner, Tony Myres of Ottawa, Canada.

I’m bummed, but not excessively so. In fact, I’ve developed an idea that sort of revolves around Miltonia Butterflies and I think you will like it. I need to work out a few details before I share, but look for an announcement soon.

As for news about my writing, it’s both good and bad. I’ve explained before that my life is extra hectic right now because of my housing situation. Packing and moving things to storage is tough and looking for a new home is no picnic either. However, I am editing my novel – working on the second draft. Not incredibly fast, but getting words on the page is my main goal.

My CP is also selling her home and buying a new one; her life is chaotic as well. She’s my rock so I don’t mind waiting for her help. It’s not like I have a deadline or anything. In fact, I feel pretty confident about my writing and the direction it’s going.

I’m pleased to let you all know that I’ve made some awesome contacts recently. I’ve been trying to connect with more writers in the NW Arkansas area and am awed by the deep well of talent I’ve discovered. I’ll do my best to introduce you to some of them in the coming weeks.

One last thing. My short story, Abandon, has been in the exclusive KDP Select program since March. I wasn’t thrilled with the program. When the latest deadline approached, I chose not to renew. It’s been published on Smashwords in multiple e-reading formats. Check it out. If you decide to buy, please leave a review or drop by here and tell me what you think. All feedback helps me grow as a writer.