This Writer Is Not Stagnating; She’s Ruminating

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As you know, I’ve been struggling with the end of my novel. Something about tying up loose ends doesn’t agree with me, I guess. I decided to step away from it for a bit; maybe some distance will help.

I’m not slacking though. I’ve been working on a short story – the sequel to Fool’s Journey. I’ve written down the plot points. Where to start, where to finish and what happens in between.

A formal outline is forthcoming. Right now, I’m sifting through details and doing a bit of research. I did a lot of research for Fool’s Journey. The Greenstone from that story is real, I just gave it some mystical powers. I looked at maps to figure out distance between India and Russia and then back to the Timor Sea. I enjoyed writing that story so much. I’m hoping I’ll find that same joy with this next one.

I’m really hoping to have my novel completed and the first round of edits finished by the time the Ozark Creative Writers Conference comes around. I’ve asked for a meeting with one of the agents, but haven’t heard back. Regardless, I want to have it ready to send to agents by the end of the year.

I’ve sent the last two chapters to my CP. Maybe she will have some feedback that will spur me forward.