The Wisdom of Cats (M. Poincaré) | #quotes

Way back in September I shared a quote certifying the Wisdom of Cats. As promised, here is another pearl of wisdom from our feline friends. This time French writer and statesman M. Poincaré translates the wisdom for us:

“The cat is witty, he has nerve, he knows how to do precisely the right thing at the right moment. To how many timid and hesitating persons could he give useful lessons.”

Photo provided by and MrInvader

Photo provided by and MrInvader

How can we writers apply this quote and its wisdom to our writing lives? Simply put, we should trust our instincts and do what feels right. I’m not saying it will always work, but you never know until you try.

My cat Max doesn’t hesitate to crawl into my lap even if it means he has to sit on my book or block my view of the television. After being re-situated a million times you’d think he’d give up. Not my Max. The bond between us is strong and his instinct is to give and receive (mostly receive) comfort and affection. He does it his way in the beginning and then gracefully follows my lead when he’s maneuvered into another position.

There are so many rules to writing. Sometimes we get bogged down in the ‘what not to do’ and forget to just let the creativity flow. Instead of following the rules, write what and how you want. If it doesn’t work then gracefully implement the rules until your project has been edited into the great work of art you know is there.

Look for more cat wisdom in the coming months.

  • I love the idea of cat wisdom. Do what you want as you instinctively feel it’s right — that’s a good one! And then if you totally botch it and land on your butt, just hop right up and strut away like nothing ever happened. That’s what my cats do, anyway. 😉

    • Annie, I’m sorry I never replied to you. For some reason I didn’t get a notice about your comment. My cats and I have totally botched things more often than I care to admit. While their strut is more confident than mine, I still know how to at least look dignified in my failures. 😉