The Story Untold

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Throughout the first draft of my WIP, The Widows of Wyatt Abney, the main character’s husband has been rather quiet. Too quiet.

You see, he is a laid back character. Charming. Let’s things roll off his back instead of getting bogged down. I guess you could say he’s comfortable in his own skin and confident. But, there’s a lot of chaos around him and I realized he wouldn’t stand by and just let it happen without at least voicing concern.

My job now is to sift through the story and find instances where he would say, “I’m not okay with this.” His story needs to be told; after all, his wife and daughter are at the center of some harrowing events.

This is one thing I’ve really enjoyed about writing the second draft. The foundation is already there and now I can layer in things that didn’t occur to me during the first go round. The parts of the story untold in the first draft.

Does your first draft have stories untold?

  • Reese Ryan

    After my first draft of Too Good to Be True (being released July 2013) I realized that one of the characters I’d created early on deserved a larger role. I rewrote the story to make her the primary antagonist.

    I just had some big epiphanies about another completed manuscript recently. I’ll be doing a major rewrite to more fully explore the life of the protagonist and a reveal more (the untold story) about a few other characters.

    • M. Frye

      That’s great, Reese! Isn’t it amazing how the mind works? Good luck with your writing and be sure to come back often.