The Sort-Of Scheduled Writer

Oh woe is me. The medical procedure I had done Friday really took it out of me. A migraine showed up yesterday and ruined the biggest portion of my day as well. It’s for those reasons that I didn’t write as much as planned. I’ll be playing catch up this week. Fortunately, I have only one scheduled appointment which means I should have four days of uninterrupted writing time.

It’s best when my mornings are free to write. If I open Scrivener first, before email or any other diversion, the words pour out of me. Well, I say pour and that’s not an accurate description. I still stop and think about what to do next and how to word this and that. The point is to start writing before I do anything else. If not, I’d be tweeting all day.

Loved the feedback from Cresta on my manuscript’s prologue. It’s really taking shape. The story gets fuller and richer after her input. That’s not to say I use all of her suggestions. I don’t want to lose my unique voice, but her suggestions make me think and my creativity takes over. It’s a wonderful process and I want her to know how valuable her time and efforts have become to me. She keeps me going when the negative thoughts creep into my mind.

I do have one hurdle I’m trying to overcome. I’m finding it hard to get into the main character’s head. Thus far, I’ve been going from the point of view of her mother; the unraveling events occur because of what happened when her mother was a teenager. When I think about changing pov and adjusting the genre to women’s fiction, I get stumped again. For now, I’m going to keep writing and see where it leads me.

On another note, I’ve sold one copy of my short story, Abandon. Not much, but it feels good.

Happy Writing,