The Song of the Writing Siren

It seems as if the universe is urging me to buckle down and finish the rewrites, or second draft as some would call it, of my WIP.

Cresta, my critique partner, sent me an email over the weekend asking how my revisions are coming along. What’s funny is that I’d been thinking of her daily and telling myself to send her a message. My life is super crazy right now, but her message triggered that desire to continue writing.

Annie Neugebauer wrote a post about revisions on Monday. Another shot to my already overwhelming desire to focus on writing. Her desk is immaculate! And I’m jealous that she’s expecting to have said revisions finished by tomorrow.

It’s not like I haven’t done any writing. Just not as much as I’d like. My life really is crazy right now. I’ve finished some research that lead to a new scene that will enhance the ending. The scene is still in my notebook, in outline form with half written paragraphs and some dialogue, but it’s better than nothing.

My biggest dilemma right now is whether to let a beloved character come to harm or not. It’s a character that I’ve added during the rewrites. He’s of great importance to the lead family and he adds so much dimension to the story and other characters. He’s one of those entities that brings out unexpected qualities of the people surrounding him. He could also be considered a roadblock for the antagonist. I’m stymied on how to get him out of the way at a critical scene, but know if he were to come to harm, deliberately injured or even killed it would amp up the emotion. I get chills just thinking about it.

Yes, I’m writing. Most of it is only in my head and in note form, but I haven’t given up on my WIP. However, until I find a new home and get settled, I’m afraid my attention will be divided.

  • I love the new site :-). It’s really hard to hurt characters we love. Good luck with your revisions.

    • M. Frye

      Thanks, Cresta! I’m focusing on adding depth the to scenes already written at the moment, with plans to add a few scenes as I go along. I’ll be sending you chapters as I finish revising. 🙂

  • Missy, I’m so glad my site caught the pingback from this and sent me here! I came to your website the other day, but I couldn’t find your blog page (I realize now that it’s the tab called Missy Writes). So now you’re added to my GoogleReader so I’ll get your new posts. Yay!

    Thanks very much for the shout-out, and best of luck finding your writing/revising groove again. Don’t be too hard on yourself, though. We all have times when life gets crazy and in our way. It’ll calm down eventually, and when it does you’ll be ready. =)

    • M. Frye

      Thanks for the comment, Annie! Actually, I’ve started the revisions in earnest. I know I’ll be interrupted more often because of my crazy life, but I’m finding focus during the quieter times.