The Simple Joys of Being a Nerd: Doctor Who & Chris Hardwick

The nerd in me is super happy right now. Why? My mom has become a Doctor Who fan.

Since my father died, she’s silently let me take over the television on Saturday nights to watch the Doctor’s latest adventure on BBC America. That is when they’re showing the series. At first, she only halfway paid attention. Then she began focusing. Then she began to ask questions.

Since we’ve moved into our new home, she’s gotten into a new habit. BBC America shows back to back episodes of Doctor Who each morning and she drinks coffee while watching them. It’s enough to make a Whovian giddy!

Ah, the joys of being a nerd.


The second half of season seven starts March 30th along with a new season of the Nerdist. Doctor Who and Chris Hardwick on the same night! *swoon*

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