The Back Breaking Work of a Writer

Writers work hard. Seriously. Ideas are relatively easy. Turning the idea into a story is a little tougher. But, when you sit down and start pouring words onto the page, connecting scene to scene, it’s hard work. Even when the words flow from the mind in a rush, like a waterfall, you’re pushing yourself.

The past couple of weeks my writing has had very few hiccups. Oh, the normal how do I transition from here to where I want to go thoughts have entered my mind. Fortunately, it’s been relatively easy to navigate. It helps having a CP to read my work and guide me back to the path when I stray.

Photo by Ramzi Hashisho

Back to the hard work part. The novel I’m writing is very emotional on many levels. The past few days I’ve been working on some scenes that are filled with tension, fear and emotional upheaval. I became engrossed in the unfolding events and feared that what filled the pages couldn’t possibly be as gripping to read as it had been to write. So the message my CP sent me really surprised me:

I just read it – I have no notes…seriously, this is excellent writing. EXCELLENT writing. I was captivated and read without stopping – you’ve really done well with this. It’s already developed into so much!

I’ve written 16% of my 70,000 word goal. There is still much to write, but with each chapter I feel more confident. The story is progressing, the plot is unfolding and my mind is writing even when I’m not at the computer. Very satisfying.

What about you; are you satisfied with your writing project?


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