The Author’s Platform: A Neverending Process

I’ve been thinking about my author platform recently. Mainly because I have a lot of people liking my Abandon Facebook page. You see, I added it to the list on World Literary Cafe in hopes it would get people interested in reading the story. What has happened is I’ve gotten 120 likes but no one has bought the story. How can you like a story if you haven’t read it. I decided I was going about things the wrong way.

This lead me to ponder the question, what is an author platform? Well, it shouldn’t be like waving a red cape at a bull. So, here is what I’ve done and plan to do to establish myself in the writing world.

  • I’ve self-published three short stories. Why? I want people to read them of course. But that isn’t the only reason. Abandon, Fool’s Journey and Miltonia Butterflies are examples of my work. You could call them my portfolio.
  • Blogging. This blog chronicles my writing journey, promotes other writers and gives me a chance to connect with potential readers of my books. I also write book reviews at Invincible Love of Reading.
  • Social Networking. My Twitter handle is @MissyFrye and I mostly tweet about writing. I try to support other writers and use Triberr to make connections. It’s not all business though. I follow nerdy folks, actors, authors, singers, NASA, Nat Geo, genealogists and archaeologists. That’s an abbreviated list. It’s fun to step outside of the writing world at times and share what’s going on.
  • Facebook Fan Page. I’ve created a page for self-promotion as many other writers have. But I don’t want you to follow me on Twitter or Facebook just because you think I’ll reciprocate. I want you to find something interesting about my page or feed and come back for more. If I’m not doing that for you then I need to rethink things even more.
  • Writing Conferences. I met many wonderful folks at last year’s Ozark Creative Writers Conference and have established relationships with several of them. For example, Tamara Hart Heiner and I met there and we are sponsoring a contest for this year’s conference. It’s a way to give back to the writing community, Northwest Arkansas writers in particular.
  • Newsletter: I’ve created an email newsletter and will be sending it out monthly. In it I will highlight some of the authors I interview, book reviews and give you a sneak peek at writers I’ll be interviewing in the future. I’ll also reveal a little about my writing journey such as what contests I’ve entered, results of contests, where I’m submitting stories and querying. I’ll try to keep it interesting. You can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this post or in the sidebar.

What I’ve failed to do is connect with people in the genre in which I write. My novel is women’s fiction and most of my connections are YA or Horror authors. These connections are very important to me, but I need to find a few folks who really understand my genre.

I also need to engage with my target audience more. If you have any advice on how to accomplish that, I’m all ears.

There’s a lot to do and still find time to write. After taking stock of where I am and where I want to be I’m more determined than ever to succeed.

What about you? How solid is your Author Platform and do you have any advice for me?

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