That Night by Alice McDermott: My Love Affair

So, I’m still unpacking boxes of books. Yes, I moved in in February and it is July. You should have heard my cousin complaining about all the boxes of books he had to help move. 😉

Anyway, I unpacked a box a couple weeks ago that had That Night by Alice McDermott in it. When I placed it on the shelf that feeling swept over me. You know the one. Like reconnecting with a dear friend after a long spell apart and recalling why you are friends in the first place. I want to read it again. (The movie version isn’t bad either)

That NightOn a warm suburban night, the sound of lawn sprinklers is drowned out by the rumble of hot rods. Suddenly a car careens onto a family’s neat front yard, teenage boys spill out brandishing chains and leather, and a young man cries out for the girl he loves. Tonight fathers will pick up snow shovels and rakes to defend their turf, and children will witness a battle fueled by fierce, true love. This is the night they will talk about and remember as the moment everything changed forever.

If you haven’t read That Night you should. It was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. Don’t let that scare you away, it’s a wonderful book. It also gives me hope that I’ll be able to publish my WIP as a short novel.