Social Media: How Much Is Too Much?

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Recently, I’ve devoted a lot of time to Triberr. I’ve made connections with other writers and enjoy the process of promoting their blogs. That being said, do you think it’s worth the time and effort to do this? In the past, Twitter didn’t work for me. With the help of Triberr, it brings more people to my blog than anything else. Maybe I’ve just learned how to use it to my advantage.

However, I’ve noticed that people mostly tweet the links to my posts without reading the posts themselves. I can’t complain. A few seconds of their time and I get more readers. I’m not that way though. I try to read each article and make the tweet personal. If I read something that goes against my values, I’m not going to promote it. Trust me, titles can be deceiving. I appreciate every one of the people that share my links with their followers, but I sometimes wonder if they know what they are promoting.

There are so many social media gimmicks out there lining up to get your attention. Tons of ways to promote yourself and others. But what really works? I’ve noticed that since Facebook went public, my Author Page has been shortchanged. For some reason, my blog posts are no longer sent there even though I’ve repeatedly set the publicize settings to my page; it instead goes to my personal wall. It’s very frustrating and I’m beginning to think not worth the effort.

I love LinkedIn, but don’t really know how to make it work for me. Goodreads has connected me to some great folks. I’m not sure about Google+…See, the list just keeps growing and I’m not sure spending my time using these social networking tools is worth it. I need time to write. That’s the whole reason for networking in the first place.

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I constantly read articles that say new writers need a web presence. I agree. When a book really captures me, I immediately go looking for the author’s website, blog, twitter account, etc.

This blog is where I state that, “I’m here. I’m a writer. I want you to join my world.” In the past, I owned a blog that gave writing tips and hosted blog tours and it took over my life. There was no time for me, no time for my writing. My goal is to be published. I share my journey here. Is that enough to garner followers?

  • Hi Missy,

    Yes, I feel the same way. Social media can take over your life. My own blog takes hours and hours trying to find and schedule interesting guests and posts that my readers will like. All this comes at a price though. When do you have time to write?

    I think at some point you just have to say enough is enough for the whole social media thing. I strongly believe the best way to get followers interested in you is to write more books. Easier said than done for most of us with day jobs, family commitments, etc., but at some point you have to say that your writing is a priority too and carve out time to do it.


    • Hi Debra,

      Just blogging can take over your life if you let it and that’s without the social media factor. I can tell how hard you work at making Two Ends of the Pen an interesting blog. Your networking skills have helped you. I’m impressed.

      At the beginning of the year, I made the commitment to focus on writing. I’ve done well, so far. There are times when I feel that promoting myself gets in the way of writing. It’s like a catch 22. If you want people to read your books, you have to promote yourself and your work, but the time it takes to promote keeps you from writing. There’s no sane way around it; something gets neglected.

      Thanks for your input, and for reading my blog. 😉

  • Jo-Ann Carson

    You got me (as a follower).
    And yes, I think an honest blog about who you are and what you’re writing is enough to garner followers.
    I have an unproven theory that followers really arrive after they’ve read your book. Which makes writing a blog tricky, because in a sense I’m writing for the future.
    Happy Writing

    • Jo-Ann, you are a blessing. I love your blog as well and look forward to your posts. I also agree with your theory, that’s why I’m trying to get folks to read my short stories. I’m hoping they get a feel for my writing style and will look forward to the novel I’m writing. Who knows.

      Thanks for commenting!