Six Sentence Sunday: Abandon – A Short Story

Abandon CoverThis week, I’m sharing another six sentences from my short story, Abandon:

Solid ground fell away, strong arms lifted her to the stage. The singer drew her into his arms and his body guided hers in a slow motion while he sang. The song came to her in a strange sort-of stereo, a soft version close to her as a louder one surrounded them. He allowed a fraction of space to come between them and peered directly into her eyes. He focused his whole being on her; she felt special, treasured. Each word became more faint until his lips touched hers and they ceased. She responded to his effort to deepen the kiss and no longer wondered why the girls went crazy for him.

If you want to read more of Greta’s story, it is available as an e-book and can be purchased at Click here or on the picture above.

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