Praises to a Critique Partner

Cresta McGowan is awesome.

My writing life came to a standstill in 2010. I pushed it aside to take care of my father. Writing on a regular schedule didn’t even enter my mind until after his death and what seems like many months of grieving. When I found myself compelled to put words on the page, I knew I needed help to stay motivated.

Finding a critique partner is not easy. I’ve tried many times in the past to develop relationships with fellow writers only to be let down. Rinda Eliot once told me that you have to find someone with similar writing interests and you definitely need to like the person you work with. (I’m paraphrasing) I gave up long ago on finding someone like that.

When I began to feel myself again, I reluctantly went in search of that illusive beast called a critique partner. A person with similar tastes. A writer willing to share precious works of art (if only precious in our own minds). Someone willing to accept harsh realities along with praise.

Where does one find such a person?

Well, I stumbled upon Ladies Who Critique. Lots of people are looking for that same connection. I answered a few requests. Shared some work. It just didn’t feel right. Then one day, Cresta and I were at the same place at the same time. We agreed to share a short story.

Since that time, Cresta and I have shared other stories and chapters from the novels we are painstakingly writing. We are getting to know each other slowly through our writing and social networks. I truly believe God brought us together. In each other, we’ve discovered compatible Critique Partners and I believe we will continue to grow as friends.

Without her, I wouldn’t have submitted my short story Miltonia Butterflies to contests. I wouldn’t have self-published Abandon and I wouldn’t be working so diligently on my novel. She has inspired me. She has motivated me. She is a blessing.

  • I think you’re right. When you commented the other day about loving cemeteries, I grinned from ear to ear. Not only do I enjoy working with you as a writer, you’re the type of person I look for in a friend. I’m glad to know you.

    • Hi ladies! I got a google alert and found this post. Lovely story 🙂 A successful CP relationship is worth its weight in gold. So happy for you both!

      • Thank you, Laura! And thanks for Ladies Who Critique, without which, Cresta and I probably wouldn’t have met.