Pen Names

What makes a writer use a pen name or pseudonym? If you research the matter you’ll find all sorts of reasons.

This subject has became a deeply personal one for me. As you may have noticed, I have two pages dedicated to aliases on this blog. My thought was to keep different short story genres separate by using a different pen name for each. For instance, when I write something with a fantasy or paranormal element I write under the name I.M. McGinnis in honor of my paternal grandmother. For everything else I plan to use the name A. Roxie Prater in honor of my maternal grandmother.

It’s time to be honest. I chose to use the names of my grandmothers to keep me on the straight and narrow. I won’t compromise their identity in any way. I guess you could say I want to use a pen name as a way of pushing me to do my very best with each story I write. After all, who wants their grandparents to be ashamed of them? (for the record, it’s their maiden names I’m using)

Someday, when I’ve payed my dues (or rather, learn to habitually do my absolute best), I’ll use my real name. For now, two very strong, wonderful women will stand behind me, urging me to produce my finest stories with no compromises.