Outlandish Wishes and Reality

The world has gone mad! Mad I tell you. It would be so easy to fall into a deep depression and since I struggle each day to keep the doldrums at bay – let’s do something silly. Instead of wishing for world peace or wisdom for our nation’s leaders, let’s push reality aside for a bit and make a few outlandish wishes.

Photo provided by Christian Wagner & freeimages.com

Photo provided by Christian Wagner & freeimages.com

  • I wish Tom Cruise would retire. Seriously. He’s financially set. He could spend the rest of his life on the beach, in the mountains, reading, meditating – whatever. Just stop making movies. Please? He’s proven he can do his own stunts. Whoopee! Everyone knows he does things his way or not at all. Kudos to him. He showed promise in his youth, but in the last ten years he’s given us the same facial expressions while doing some outlandish stunt. Enough already.
  • I wish my body was equipped with a trigger/button I could push and a song from one of my favorite artists would play in my head. For instance, if something is making me angry I would push this magical button and a song that I find soothing would begin. It would be intuitive and give me what I need without me putting conscious thought into the choosing.
  • I wish that Fox hadn’t cancelled Firefly and had let it run its course. Nathan Fillion might not be playing Richard Castle right now, but that would be a fair trade for several years of Captain Tight Pants and his crew moving from one scrape to another.

There. We all know my wishes won’t come true anytime soon. But if you think about it, wishing that our nation’s leaders were wise is just as outlandish as wishing Tom Cruise would retire. Desiring world peace is noble, and we should pray for it. Earnestly. But humans have moved so far from God that peace is impossible. That is until Jesus returns to the earth and separates the sheep from the goats.

  • I can’t stand Tom Cruise, either. He should just go away. As for Firefly, I also would have loved that series to continue, but I do love Richard Castle, so I’m okay with that.

    • We’re so much alike! I love Castle, too, but there was so much that could have been explored in the Firefly ‘Verse. Stupid Fox execs.