One Writer, Typing Away

Okay, here is my list of writing tasks I’ve accomplished so far this week:

  • Received critique notes from Cresta on my short story Abandon. Edited. Sent it back to her for a final read through. I’m not sure I will submit this one to publications or contests. I’m thinking of posting it to Storiad or Inkubate. It’s kind of a dated story because Robbie Williams is briefly featured. (Don’t tell him I said that!)
  • Outlined a new short story, tentatively titled Noted Dreams. I’ve written the beginning and will continue to add to it little by little. It’s a tiny snapshot of musicians and the toll fame takes.
  • Have another story developed in my mind and will have it outlined soon. Not sure of what to title it. That will come once I start writing. This one is another musician story but it’s not about the industry; it’s more of an introspective journey made by one woman within the confines of one day.
  • Have the kernel of a third story but its idea is a bit more complicated. Will need to let it simmer for a while before it’s ready for an outline. No musician in this one. 😉 It’s about a woman whom everyone thinks is missing due to foul play but she’s not really missing. She knows exactly where she is. LOL It needs some plotting but I think it will be interesting once it’s put together.
  • Notes for my novel are nearly finished. Just need to add a few more details before sending them to Cresta. This one is deeply personal and I’m purposely dragging my feet. I know what I want to happen but am hoping Cresta can help me with plotting. The back-story is fully developed and has been for quite some time. Now it’s time to move forward.
  • What about you? What writing accomplishments have you made?

    • Abandon is a GREAT story! I’m privileged to have read it first 🙂

      • Thank you, Cresta! You’re making me blush.