New Website – Melissa M. Frye

One of my tribemates at Triberr spoke of her self-hosted blog and it reminded me how much control you have when you shell out a few bucks and buy your own domain name, and a place to host it. I decided to take the plunge. Since I’ve been through the process before, the transition was fairly painless. Admittedly, I had forgotten a few things, but it came back as I went through the motions.

So, my website address is and this blog is now hosted there: update your bookmarks and feeds accordingly. WordPress is redirecting my traffic for the time being, but it’s a paid service. After a year, I’m dropping the redirect.

Yes, I decided to use my given name, Melissa, along with my middle initial. I’ll continue to use Missy for my short stories, but when I start looking for an agent for my novel, I’ll being using Melissa M. Frye. It was my great grandmother’s name. The M stands for Marie which is also my grandmother’s middle name.

I’m pleased with the site but will probably tweak a few things here and there. Especially this blog. I’m using the same theme but it looks a bit different here than it did at

What do you think of the new website? I’d love to hear your opinions, so leave a comment. Tell me what works and what doesn’t.

  • M. Frye

    Thanks, Elena! Delighted

    • The site looks great Missy!

      • M. Frye

        Thanks, Taryn! Happy-Grin