Never Bore Your Readers

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I’ve struggled the past few days trying to come up with an interesting blog post. As a writer, it would be terrible to bore you the reader. But, then I got to thinking, this is where I share my writing journey, the good and the bad. While I don’t have anything bad to report, the good doesn’t have WOW appeal. Regardless, I’ll tell you a bit about my recent writing endeavors.

I think I’ve solved my end of novel dilemma. Although I haven’t mentioned it much recently, I’m still working on it. I’ve decided to go ahead and say that the first draft is finished. I’m currently working on rewrites and editing. I knew going into the project, that the initial draft would probably differ greatly from the final one.

It’s been slow going, but fun, to sift through each chapter looking for weaknesses, shoring them up and adding dimension to each scene. After I get through the entire novel, and rewrite the ending, I plan to go back and work on the dialogue. Each character has a distinct way of speaking in my mind, but it doesn’t often show on the page. That will definitely need to be corrected.

My CP has been writing as well. I’ve been helping her with her WIP. Taking a break from my fictional world to enter her’s has helped keep me sane. Both of our non-writing lives are busy at this point and we need to give each other a nudge once in a while. Knowing someone expects me to be writing gives that added push I need to keep going.

So, there you have it. While I’ve been enjoying my writing, I realize it may appear boring or mundane to those on the outside. It’s my hope, that this journey I’m on will lead to publication. And, you my dear reader, can then say, “I was with her all the way.”


  • Rosie Smith-Nazilli (@MrsNazilli)

    Lol Missy… We can all party together… Before we start the next one..

    Thanks for your continued support… Means a lot..xx

    • M. Frye

      Big party, Rosie! BIG Party! LOL