Nerd Versus Know-It-All

Chris Hardwick

Nerdist Chris Hardwick
Image © All rights reserved by Anime Nut

It came to my attention sometime in 2012 that I’m a nerd. When I got my iPad one of the first games I downloaded was Game of Nerds. I’m addicted. My current Nerd Level is 8: Hardcore Nerd.

Now there are many topics to choose from when playing this game. Everything from Astronomy and Physics to Science Fiction books and Fantasy movies and television. I’ll be in a groove, answering questions correctly then suddenly they ask something and I’m totally clueless. It’s both fascinating and frustrating.

Another game I’m addicted to is Stum?ed. It’s similar to Game of Nerds but a different format. Your competitors have chances to delay your answers by turning the questions upside down, scrambling the questions or turning the lights out.

What I find interesting about these games is the fact that you can’t possibly know everything. At least I can’t. There are subjects that interest me and I can answer trivia questions about them all day long, but other subjects bore me. I’ll never be able to answer questions about them unless the answers are drilled into my head.

I can’t imagine knowing everything. Can you? There would be no mystery, no reason to study, no reason to learn.

Yes, I am a nerd. I’m proud of that fact. I’m also proud to say I’m not a Know-it-all.

Oh. If you want to play Game of Nerds or Stum?ed with me, my id for both games is Khufu Kitty. Just search for me.

BTW I am writing. I’ve compiled notes from my lovely critique partners and am digging into edits TODAY.

  • Missy, have you read The Geek Handbook by Alex Langley? (Full disclaimer: he’s a friend and CP of mine.) It’s really very clever and funny, and it sounds like you’d enjoy it. In it, he talks about what constitutes a geek, and he explains that really anyone who has an uncommon passion for a certain subject is a geek. I’ll recommend it to you on Goodreads in case you’re interested. 🙂

    • M. Frye

      Sounds great, Annie! I’ll look for your recommendation.