My Little Blog Has Inspired Great Outpourings of Respect #WarriorWednesday #NeverForgotten

049204-abstract-red-and-gold-paint-splatter-icon-natural-wonders-star6-psWarrior Wednesday has been a very rewarding feature of this blog. Not only do I learn about history, but I get to know—in a small way—individuals with remarkable lives. Let’s face it, if one lays down his/her life for their country, whether directly or indirectly it is a remarkable event.

But something else has happened as a direct result of these tributes and I’m touched, very deeply, by the outpouring of respect.

A man from Scotland, who had found a memorial bracelet for Major Walter David Gray while scuba diving, reached out to me. He wondered if I had contact information for Gray’s family. While I couldn’t help with the specifics he needed, he let me know that he indeed made contact and had taken steps to return the bracelet. Wow!

A woman sent a message to me about Major Marie Therese Rossi-Cayton. In the message, she told me Rossi-Cayton had been her husband’s commander and that he had always spoken highly of her. “He was honored to serve with her in peace and war.” I’m glad my little highlight inspired her to write to me.

Most recently, a Marine contacted me wanting to know the burial place of Lance Corporal George Dramis. He and some buddies wanted to pay their respects. I furnished the information and got this response: “The info was just what was needed to find the Corporal’s final resting place. A couple of us will now make it a point to stop and pay a visit. Thanks again very much.” What a wonderful result from a simple blog post.

There is a reason I use #NeverForgotten in the subject line of the Warrior Wednesday posts and these fine readers have helped me fulfill that hashtag’s goal. Whether you believe in the causes of our military or not, please never forget those who have fought for our freedoms, who have kept evil from our shores and have chased down threats and enemies of our great country. Without their sacrifices, our lives could very well be drastically different.

  • I love that your efforts are reaching around the globe. Great work, Missy.

  • Michele Jones

    Missy, how wonderful. You just never know what a simple act will accomplish. I look forward to your next one.

    • It’s been sort of surreal and beautiful. I hadn’t considered writing a post about it until I told Staci of the messages. She said, “there’s a blog post.” The next Warrior will be from the Korean War.