Missy the Writer’s Monday Musings

Writing a Novel

As you may know, I’m currently working on a novel. Well, I found myself writing like I was stuck in quicksand. Each sentence was a struggle and it seemed the harder I tried to write the deeper I sunk. It really surprised me. I’ve had these characters in my head for so long and I know their backstories forwards and backwards.

Last week, it dawned on me that I was trying to write the story from the wrong point of view. I was trying to force the whole thing to be a young adult novel. Not because it’s all the rage now but because the emotional highs and lows stem from the lives of teenagers, both past and present. When I first started creating the characters and story, I was in the mind of one of the adult characters. I should have stayed there.

That being said, I decided to change the point of view to the main adult character and switch the genre to women’s fiction. Those decisions released me from the quicksand and I found it so much easier to write.

I believe I’ve found my niche: women’s fiction. That doesn’t mean I won’t try writing the fantasy novel that’s in my head from the point of view of a man. I am adamant about writing that story.

Author’s Platform

I spent the weekend working on my Author’s platform. I was a little foggy on how that will help me right now because I’m still unpublished in the traditional sense but it appears that it’s never too early to start.

It’s like I’m suddenly everywhere on the internet. Kinda crazy. Let’s see, where can you find information about Missy Frye, Author on the web?

I could add more places but these are the ones I’m using most at this time. My main focus is to promote my short story and get my name out there.


I know this post is longer than usual, but I can’t end without telling you about the wonderful connections I’ve made via Twitter.

  • Louise Gibney @LiteratureLou and her website Miss Write. She liked my review of Hunger Games and I found her to be a friendly young lady. I hope to continue getting to know her.
  • Heather Wardell @HeatherWardell and her website Heather Wardell… Women’s Fiction with Depth, Humor, and Heart. She was kind enough to let me know the “Look Inside” wasn’t working on my Kindle sale page for Abandon. (which reminds me, I still haven’t heard back from Amazon about that). She’s another great gal that I hope to get to know better.

I love having writing friends – so many of my real world friends don’t get it. They are tremendously supportive but it’s nice to find folks that truly understand what I’m saying.


I promise, this is the last thing I’ll share today. It’s time to set a schedule and stick with it. It’s too easy to get sidetracked with Twitter and Facebook (I’m proud to say I’ve not visited Pinterest in a few days though I have pinned a couple things I’ve ran across). I must carve out the time to promote, socialize and write. And, I mustn’t forget my critique partner. She needs my attention too.

In addition, I need to give myself permission to feel bad. I live with chronic pain and there are going to be days when the schedule flies out the window. That’s ok. Stay focused and do my best every day. It’s time to start living by that mantra.

Happy Writing,