Missing Pieces: Patching Together an Old Short Story

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

I’ve mentioned that I wanted to spruce up a short story I wrote in college and try submitting it again. Egads! My writing has improved tenfold since this story was written. I’ve been using a hardcopy to rewrite and add to Scrivener. What I’ve found is that pieces are missing. I can’t find the disc I saved it to way back when.

I know it’s here. The move has just displaced a few, uh… a lot of things.

Yesterday afternoon, while typing away I started to stress. What if I don’t remember everything. Another search ensued. Then it hit me. This is my chance to improve the story. I’m not talking just grammar and writing style. I can REALLY make this story better by giving it new twists, more emotion and greater depth.

The changes I’ve made so far are improvements to the overall story. It’s clearer. No POV switches. Sensory details are now fuller. Now I can fix that sagging middle. I don’t need the original because I want to make this a better story.

The idea and certain scenes are great. Now it’s time to make the whole story great.

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