Losing the Night Sky

We signed a contract on a new home and should close in February. That means we will be moving from a place in the country where you can’t see your neighbors house to living a few feet away from another family – on both sides of us. It will be a big adjustment, mostly for my mother. I’ve moved around a bit and have experienced city life.

Ancient Stars

Hubble Images a Swarm of Ancient Stars
Image Credit: NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) Release Date: July 1, 1999 12:00 noon (EDT) Orientation: North is toward the upper right of the image.

I know I’ve talked about the family home and I will miss it, but my thoughts have now turned to the night sky. We will be losing our clear view of the wonders it holds. Oh, we’ll still be able to see the moon and a few of the bright stars, but not as we do here in the country.

While I don’t star gaze for extended periods of time, I do enjoy surveying the expanse of the tiny fraction of the Universe we can see with the eye. Sometimes the International Space Station is visible from our front porch. It’s a bright speck in the western sky. I marvel at the fact that humans are manning the station. It still upsets me that Pluto is no longer a planet. I long for humans to return to the moon. I have Exoplanet and Pocket Universe on my iPhone and iPad. Yes, I’m a nerd and not ashamed to admit it.

While it may be true we’ll no longer have a crystalline view of the night sky, astro physicists will continue to make discoveries. The Hubble Telescope will keep sending awe-inspiring images. Spacecraft will probe the depths of the solar system. I’ll keep up with the universe with my computer and remember the days when I could sit in my front yard under a blanket of stars.

  • Your post makes me sad and happy for you at the same time. Getting settled will be good but I’m sorry to hear it will be hard for your mom. I will be keeping you all in my prayers while you gear up for the big day!!


    • M. Frye

      Thank you, Elena. Prayers are ALWAYS appreciated.