Let’s Jam Together

This Is My JamAre you familiar with the website This Is My Jam? I love it!

How It Works

This Is My Jam is for sharing one song at a time. Pick the one that means the most to you right now and discover which songs truly matter to your friends.

I usually change my jam once a week, but I put thought into it (most of the time). If a song captures my attention while listening to Spotify or iTunes radio or Pandora or iHeart, *sigh* and sticks with me, I’ll choose it for the next week. Sometimes, an old favorite will cross my mind and I can’t resist sharing it with my friends.

The site makes it easy to search for the video or audio recording of the song you want. Your homepage lists all the jams of the people you follow. I’ve discovered some really cool musicians in the past year.

If you’re into music and want to join the jam community, Sign Up. Don’t forget to visit my profile and follow me. I also have a Pinterest board on which I post my choices; feel free to follow it as well.

My eternal jam is Lifetime by Emeli Sandé.

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