It’s Just A Blog Post

I’ve been trying for days to think of something to share with you, my readers, that would interest you. Ideas come and go. Some are great, but I need to do a bit of research before moving forward with them.

Today I’m reminded that my thoughts are miniscule in the great scheme of things. I’m sitting in a hospital waiting room while my cousin undergoes yet another procedure. In October she suffered a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage – bleeding between the middle membrane (arachnoid mater) covering the brain and the brain itself. She’s lucky to be alive.

She and I were very close in the past, but our lives have sort of diverged in recent years. It’s part of life. Luckily, I’ve been in a position to help her the past few months. We made the trip to Little Rock last night and this morning she’s being a trooper while doctors manipulate arteries to ascertain how well they are functioning.

While she is doing exceptionally well with no neurological damage, it’s still a scary situation. Compared to what she has been through, my struggle to find a topic to blog about is paltry.

  • I’m so sorry to hear this. I’ll be keeping your family in my thoughts.

    • M. Frye

      Thanks, Annie! Prayers are always appreciated. You’re a peach!