iPad, Evernote, LinkedIn and Avoiding Stagnation

evernoteAfter I purchased my iPad, I quickly went about downloading all sorts of apps. Games, social tools, etc. One productivity app I downloaded has been a remarkable help to me. Evernote.

While many of those downloads have been deleted, Evernote has become one of my most used tools. It’s synched to the app on my computer and I use it for ideas, checklists, clippings and any number of inspirations. It really helps when I’m forced to be away from my desk, but have time to kill such as at the doctor’s office.

I’ve also found LinkedIn to be much more satisfying when read from my iPad. The updates are easier to navigate. I’m trying to expand my professional network and while I’ve been using LinkedIn for years, it’s only recently that I’ve been able to really tap into its potential.

linkedin_logoSo, while I’m bogged down with packing and moving, I use Evernote to keep my creative juices flowing. In my free moments, I’m making use of LinkedIn and will utilize it fully once my new office is set up.

While I may not be making much headway on my novel and I’ve done very little reading I am working on branding and hopefully, keeping myself from stagnating creatively. Thanks to Evernote and LinkedIn.