Review: The Boy Who Said No: An Escape to Freedom by Patti Sheehy


The Boy Who Said No: An Escape to FreedomThe Boy Who Said No: An Escape to Freedom
by Patti Sheehy
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A man told his story. A story of change, fear, love and loss. It’s a snapshot of history and one that should be shared with all who love freedom.

Blurb taken from Netgalley:

As a boy Frank Mederos’s grandfather teaches him to fish, to navigate the seas, and to think for himself, much needed skills under the new Castro regime. When Frank is drafted into the army, he is soon promoted to the Special Forces, where he is privy to top military secrets. But young Frank has no sympathy for Fidel. He thirsts for freedom and longs to join his girlfriend who has left Cuba for America.

Frank’s true story, a tale of love, loss and courage that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page is turned.

At times heartbreaking and often spellbinding, The Boy Who Said No: An Escape to Freedom by Patti Sheehy is an intense story. Based on true events, it shines a bright light on Cuba’s regime change and the effect it had on the people.

Although the story takes place over the course of several years, there are no superfluous scenes. We witness young Frankie at the mercy of Fidel Castro, being forced from his home to do the bidding of a dictator. As he grows into a man we watch Frank make one decision after another that pits him against communism, even as he is forced into military service for the government he despises.

This is a gripping tale of courage with characters, no, real people at its core. Freedom becomes an illusion and eventually a dream. For those who doubt they could lose their freedom and liberty, this is a must read. Frank Mederos sacrificed much for what we take for granted.

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