Inject Personality Here

I ran across an interesting blog post the other day. It was part of April’s A to Z challenge. Donna B. McNicol says we need to share our personality on our writing blogs:

While our readers enjoy our blog posts, or they wouldn’t come back, they may not be getting a sense of who we are; they don’t get to see the personality behind the words.

“But I need to be professional,” you say. “I need to watch the image I project.” Yes you do, but you also need to show that you are human. Don’t be afraid to inject a little humor, be a little zany, yes – show your ZEST for life and writing.
Source: The Masquerade Crew (

Once upon a time, I had a blog that showed my personality. It was titled Observations from Missy’s Window. It showcased my eclectic tastes in everything from music and movies to Egyptology and space exploration. Because I wanted to focus on writing, I closed that blog and concentrated on Incurable Disease of Writing. There I tried to create an atmosphere where all writers would be comfortable, but I took 90% of my personality out of the mix. I relied on guest posts, blog carnivals and book tours. It was time consuming and my writing suffered.

I’m back to blogging but this time it’s about my writing. My journey. Now I find that I should inject more of my personality into it.

I’ll think about it. Really. I will. But, I’m not sure my personality is entertaining enough to hold your interest. 😛


Z is for Zest #AtoZChallenge (via The Masquerade Crew)

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