Indie Writers Support the Troops – Team USO

I’ve recently joined the ranks of volunteers and have been mulling over ideas that would inspire people to contribute to miscellaneous causes. Our military is my first concern.

That being said, I’ve joined Team USO and am embarking on a fundraising campaign. First, I’d like you to visit my personal Team USO page, read about the USO and consider making a donation. Every little bit helps.

Indie Writers Support the Troops

I’ve created an event called Indie Writers Support the Troops. On October 21, I’ll publish my short story Miltonia Butterflies and for the following seven days any proceeds from its sale will go to the USO.

I challenge you to do the same with your work. Choose one day or the whole week and donate the proceeds from something you’ve written to the cause. If you haven’t published anything, feel free to make a donation.

The event will be advertised on my personal Team USO site and my blog. A list of participants with links to the work you want to sell will be included. I’ll use social media sites to advertise the event.

I urge you to join; you’re words can help those in uniform call their loved ones back home, send care packages and best of all they can make it possible for deployed parents to read a bedtime story to their children through the United Through Reading program.

If you are interested in participating, please leave a comment or
email me for more information. Together we can make a difference in the lives of military personnel stationed throughout the world.