In the Writing Groove

Wow! What a difference a few days can make in one’s routine. I thought it would take me longer to get back into the writing groove but I was wrong. The past two days have been very productive.

While working on edits for chapter three of my novel, I added some layering to give it more depth. Yesterday, I worked on chapter four. I’m sure my CP will have many suggestions to improve it but it’s a start. I hope to send her all four chapters today or tomorrow so she can judge how the flow is working (or not).

I have notes from Cresta on my short story, Fool’s Journey, and plan to make edits this weekend. I also have the kernel of an idea for its sequel. Hopefully, I’ll have time to work on it this weekend as well.

I haven’t had much success with KDP and my short story, Abandon. I’ve given away over one hundred copies but sold very few. I plan to have another freebie day soon. I really just want people to get a feel for my writing style, and hopefully like it. $0.99 isn’t much but I understand folks not wanting to pay for a short story. That’s the cheapest I can sell it through KDP.

When Fool’s Journey is ready, I plan to publish it on Smashwords. I’ll be able to get a free ISBN for it and have the choice of giving it away or selling it. I’m still a few weeks away from publishing it though. I’ll be sure to promote it here when I do.

I’m not back to 100% yet but my brain is working again. That is fantastic!

May all your writing endeavors be fruitful,