In Search of a Fresh Perspective

Do you ever feel pressure to write? Like you’re wasting time if you aren’t working on a project? I’ve been writing a lot recently and I’m happy with what I’m producing. But I need a break once in a while. I noticed that my poetry is turning into narratives without a rhythm. I’ve been tinkering with my novel instead of working on the structure. I’ve started an essay and a short story and both are bland.

Ina Basset (my grandmother) & Me at her 93rd birthday party

Ina Basset (my grandmother) & Me at her 93rd birthday party

Yup. I needed a break. So, Friday afternoon I gutted my novel. I took out a few scenes and put them in a folder. I love Scrivener! Moving scenes around is so easy. I made notes on scenes that need to be written and made plans for scenes that need expanding. Then I took the weekend off.

Saturday was difficult. I felt like I was shirking my duties. I stood my ground though and didn’t work on any of my projects. Sunday, I spent the afternoon with family. A birthday celebration for my grandmother. She is 93 today.

Just a break. That’s all I needed. It didn’t hurt anyone and the world is still spinning.

  • I feel this pressure too sometimes, but I agree that sometimes time off is the best thing we can do for our productivity (and wellbeing). Happy birthday to your grandma! 🙂