I Doubt Myself, NOT My Story

Doubt. I’m mired in it.

My novel is fragmented. Wonderful scenes of pain and joy lay scattered, waiting for the right words to connect them.

Each day, I stare at that blinking cursor. It pleads with me to start typing. My mind recognizes what has been completed and then says, “You aren’t good enough to pull this off.” This story, this product of my imagination deserves to be told by someone more talented than me. The problem in that – no one knows this story as well as I do.

When I began writing, my confidence soared. I had faith in myself, my abilities and the story I wanted to tell. Somewhere along the way doubt slipped in and slowly overtook me. How do I find my way back? What do I have to do for the words to come as easily as they did at the beginning?

Do you suffer from doubt?