Games of Thrones: An Addiction

season-3-character-poster-game-of-thrones-33777354-1280-1896When we moved to our new home and brought Directv with us, we received all the premium movie channels for free for three months. Recently, I purchased the media kit that allows us to watch VOD.

Now, I’d heard a great deal about Game of Thrones and though I love fantasy I wasn’t sure it would be my thing. But, I started watching GoT on Demand (mainly because I love Peter Dinklage) and became hooked. I’m talking mini-marathons, talking to the tv and throwing my hands in the air over cliffhanger endings. I’ve finished the first two seasons and am ready to delve into the third.

As I watch each episode I find myself wondering about the books. Are they as graphic as the television series? How are the multiple story lines handled? What if any changes have been made in the translation from book to screen?

The scope of the story is so expansive that I’m not sure I’d be able to follow the books; it’s a bit intimidating watching it. The world building is similar to Tolkien and that’s not easily done. The characters are multi-faceted and real. It’s truly a remarkable body of work.

I ask you: should I read the books? At this point, Arya Stark is my favorite character. Would I still feel the same if I read the books?

On a side note: I posit that Kit Harington would be a far better choice to play the part of Four in the Divergent films than Theo James.