Forget Me. Let’s Talk About My CP

Image Courtesy pjlittlesinger @ photobucketWell, maybe we’ll talk a little about me too, but only because Cresta is so inspiring. 🙂

You see, she sent me the outline for her new project, a novel. It fascinated me. Not just the story she outlined, but the way she did it.

Confession. I’ve never been good at outlines. That’s why I work with bare bones mini-outlines. Remember, I said I’m a sparse writer. I’m a sparse outliner too. LOL

Maybe it’s because she is a teacher, but Cresta creates a mean outline. Everything she needs to write the novel is right there. The goal, a synopsis of the major plot point/conflict and a list of things that need to happen to accomplish the goal. You know what? I’m going to copy it. For my next project, that is.

Not only did her outline awe me, it opened something up inside me and ideas for the last half of my novel flooded my mind. No more half-assed, just put words on the page for this novel. It’s fully imagined.

For more information about Cresta, visit her blog: Cresta L. McGowan In my own words…(typos and all) or follow her on Twitter: @CMcGowan2010.

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