Don’t Stifle Creativity

"Women Painting On Thai Ceramic" by sakhorn38

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Creativity comes natural to me. As a child I was surrounded by books, music and crafts. I remember making Christmas bells out of paper cups. I remember my Dad helping me tune my first radio to the station of my choice. I remember my Mom keeping me supplied with books.

When I wanted to pursue music as a career, my parents stood behind me. Mom once told me that Dad was struck dumb when he heard me sing for the first time (after many voice lessons).

When I wrote my first short story in high school my English teacher supported me. Constructive criticism is the greatest gift to a fledgling writer. When I shared a poem with a good friend his reaction gave me confidence.

It was with disbelief that I accepted an art award when I graduated from high school. I can’t draw worth a flip, but I used my creativity to express myself with paint, glass and clay.

Some creative souls never experience the encouragement I did. They are often told to keep expectations low, even worse to not try at all. Avoid the embarrassment and disappointment. To this attitude I ask why?

Why not try? Why not risk embarrassment and disappointment? We humans are resilient. In the grand scheme of things, embarrassment is fleeting. Disappointment can be turned around.

Albrecht Dürer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Self Portrait by Albrecht Dürer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Where do you think books, plays and movies would be today if Sophocles had tamped down his urge to create? Would the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame been built if the Hittites hadn’t invented the guitar in 1500 BC? Where would the art world stand had Albrecht Durer remained anonymous as did the artists before him?

Humanity would be much different if creativity had been stifled through the ages. The things I’ve mentioned apply only to the artistic realms, but it takes creativity to solve problems. Creative thinkers invented the lightbulb, the telephone and the computer. They discovered cures for diseases and sent man to the moon and back.

Those that cannot or will not appreciate the creative soul, I pity. If you have someone in your life stifling your dreams, break away. Remember, the opposite of create is destroy. Don’t let anyone destroy your creativity.

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