Creativity: A Balancing Act

Image courtesy Stephen Stacey and stock.xchng

Image courtesy Stephen Stacey and stock.xchng

Creative people are a strange lot. We immerse ourselves in projects be it writing, painting or music (to name only a few occupations), sometimes so completely we lose sight of other aspects of our lives.

Not all of us can afford to do that. We have “day jobs,” family and a plethora of responsibilities. Often while immersed in our creative project the other facets of our lives begin to crash down on us. We feel pressured to balance. It isn’t easy and sometimes it isn’t possible.

So what do we do when one side of the scale is weighted down with family, work and/or school and obligations to friends while the other side is floating with the desire to create?


What’s most important to you as an individual? Family? Career? That novel you’ve been creating in your mind for years?

Do you worry about what others think? Do you have a good support system?

Let me tell you something. You are important. You’re wants and desires are important. Does that mean you should focus on yourself completely and let other things slide? Not necessarily. But, if neglecting your creative side is making you miserable or affecting your health don’t ignore it.

Use your support system to full advantage. Let your loved ones know just how important it is for you to nurture your creativity. Ask your friends to help you balance.

We all need a helping hand sometimes. Don’t be afraid to ask.